East Sussex Jetski beaches

The beach guide has 4 jetski beaches listed in East Sussex. Check here for all jetski beaches in the UK

  • Pevensey Bay ©

    1. Pevensey Bay

    This rural, shingle beach about 5 miles north-east of Eastbourne is known to be the place where William the Conqueror landed in 1066 before the Battle of Hastings. During the 12th century, the former harbour was a busy commercial port,…

  • Bexhill ©

    2. Bexhill Beach

    The traditional south coast seaside resort of Bexhill is maybe not in its prime these days but it is still a good spot for a family day at the beach.

    Those of you familiar with the beaches of Sussex will not be surprised to read…

  • Winchelsea ©

    3. Winchelsea Beach

    Winchelsea Beach is a small, rural resort, much quieter than many of the more developed resorts along this stretch of the south coast. It was first developed as a resort in the early 20th century. The gently sloping beach is made up of…

  • Seaford Bay ©

    4. Seaford Bay

    This wide stretch of shingle beach stretches nearly 4 miles between Newhaven harbour and Seaford Head. Seaford has a somewhat laid-back feel to it and is an ideal place to relax and avoid some of the summer crowds that flock to other south…