Cuckmere Haven Beach

This quiet pebble beach is dominated by the white chalk cliffs of the Seven Sisters just to the east. It sits at the mouth of the meandering Cuckmere river.

One of the best known views of the beach is looking out over the coastguard cottages towards the Seven Sisters. This row of 4 cottages was built shortly after the foundation of the National Coastguard Service in 1822. However, they are currently under threat from erosion with the cliffs over 30 metres closer than they originally were.

Cuckmere Haven is a popular spot for anglers with the river mouth providing rich pickings. The area is also abundant with wildlife.

The beach (and backdrop of the cliffs) has been used as a location in numerous films including Harry Potter and Robin Hood.

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Lifeguard service


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Dogs allowed

No dog restrictions.

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  • Good fishing


  • Cafe/restaurant
  • Toilets

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BN25 4AR

OS grid ref.

TV 5180 9767


The car park is at the country park centre near the Golden Galleon pub.

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Cuckmere Haven Beach Reviews

Sewage from river

Brian McAllister
Feb 11th 2022

Don’t swim here folks. Water often polluted with waste solids and faecal bacteria thanks to Southern Water dumping raw sewage into the river that discharges on the beach. England eh? What an embarrassment.

Cuckmere Haven

David J
Jan 12th 2021

One of my favourite places; lovely views, archetypal south coast white cliffs, beautiful waterways.. I love it when the Cuckmere river is shining silver as the sun comes through the clouds on an autumn day. And then of course you have the Seven Sisters and the walk to Birling Gap. I’d give it a 5 out of 5 if it wasn’t for the litter. For goodness sakes, can’t people see it’s even worse leaving plastic bags full of rotting dog poo than simply allowing your dog to poo and not picking it up in the first place? Take it to a BIN! And these despicable people who hang it from trees/bushes…well, you people don’t deserve to live, let alone have a dog.
Anyway where was I? Yes - gorgeous part of Sussex and the planet in general! ✲✲✲

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