Fife Swimming beaches

The beach guide has 14 swimming beaches listed in Fife. Check here for all swimming beaches in the UK

  • St Andrews West Sands ©

    1. St Andrews West Sands Beach

    West Sands is the largest and best-known beach in St Andrew's, surprisingly one of the sunniest and driest places in Britain.

    The south end of the two-mile-long sandy beach featured in the opening sequence of Oscar-winning film,…

  • St Andrews East Sands ©

    2. St Andrews East Sands Beach

    Located on the south side of the old harbour, St. Andrews East Sands is a popular beach destination for both locals and visitors to Fife. The sandy beach has a path on the inland side, making it an ideal location for walkers. It is…

  • Elie Harbour ©

    3. Elie Harbour Beach

    Tucked away in the lee of Elie's harbour is this lovely stretch of golden sand. Although quite modest at high tide when the tide goes out the beach joins up with neighbouring Earlsferry

  • Pettycur ©

    4. Pettycur Beach (Kinghorn)

    Pettycur Bay is a sandy beach backed by sand dunes just to the west of Kinghorn. It is known for its quiet laid back atmosphere and vast expanse of sand here making it ideal for anyone who wants to relax or go for a long walk.


  • Shell Bay ©

    5. Shell Bay (Earlsferry)

    Shell Bay is a mostly sandy beach with some pebbles closer to the water's edge. It lies in a secluded area of the Fife coastline, looking south onto the Firth of Forth. Behind the beach there is a caravan park with children's play area,…

  • Aberdour-Silver Sands ©

    6. Aberdour-Silver Sands Beach

    Aberdour Silver Sands is a small, sandy beach with good views of the islands of Inchmickery and Inchcolm. Backed by woodland the beach has a very tranquil feel. An excellent section of the Fife Coastal Path passes behind the beach.


  • Earlsferry ©

    7. Earlsferry Beach

    Elie Earlsferry Beach joins the villages of Elie and Earlsferry in Fife and sits next to Elie Harbour Beach

    The beach is known for its family friendly sands and is a centre…

  • Aberdour-Harbour ©

    8. Aberdour-Harbour Beach

    This is a mostly sandy beach, stretching west from the harbour wall, to the south of the beautiful historic village of Aberdour. It offers fine views across the Firth of Forth to Edinburgh and the surrounding hills and mountains. The beach…

  • Linktown ©

    9. Linktown Beach (Kirkcaldy)

    This long, sand and shingle, urban beach stretches south from Port Brae in Kirkcaldy, on the north bank of the Firth of Forth. The Port Brae end of the beach has a dock with a number of piers. An esplanade runs alongside the beach, next…

  • Burntisland ©

    10. Burntisland Beach

    A sand and rock beach east of Burntisland, overlooking the Firth of Forth. Plenty of facilites including a leisure centre, seaside park, crazy golf, bouncy castles and an annual summer fairground.

  • Elie Woodhaven (Ruby Bay) ©

    11. Elie Woodhaven (Ruby Bay)

    A quiet and sheltered sandy beach with easy access to a range of facilities. 

    Backed by dunes, with views over the Firth of Forth. Great walking in the surrounding countryside.

  • Roome Bay ©

    12. Roome Bay (Crail)

    Roome Bay is located next to the village of Crail, about 10 miles down the coast from St Andrews. The upper parts of the south-facing beach are mostly sandy, perfect for a relaxing day at the beach whilst taking in the view. Below the…

  • Billow Ness ©

    13. Billow Ness Beach (Anstruther)

    Billow Ness beach is set in a small, sandy bay located just to the west of Anstruther Harbour. The beach itself is made up of golden sand and has an abundance of rock pools that are perfect for exploring. As a recent recipient of a Seaside…

  • Largo East ©

    14. Largo East Beach

    Largo East is a sandy beach, just to the east of the ancient fishing village of Lower Largo. On 1676 this was the birthplace of Alexander Selkirk, whose sojourn on a desert island, following a shipwreck provided the inspiration for Daniel…