Wrabness Beach

The village of Wrabness is located on the Stour Estuary between Manningtree and Harwich. It is probably best known for the nature reserve with its woodland and marshes on the edge of the estuary.

Wrabness beach itself is a reasonable sized stretch of sand backed by an array of beach huts and chalets on stilts. However, the beach can be quite muddy beyond the high tide mark. Towards the central section of the beach the backdrop becomes more wooded. There are always small boats and dinghies pulled up on the beach as this is a popular spot to land/launch onto the sheltered waters of the Stour.

As well as the beach and nature reserve Wrabness is also known for “Julie’s House” – an fairytale style cottage created by Turner Prize-winning Essex artist Grayson Perry. You can actually rent the cottage and enjoy its views across the estuary and beach to yourself.

Like much of this coast Wrabness is on the London Clay Formation which means there are fossils to be found, usually after stormy weather when they are washed ashore. Shark’s teeth are the most common find but prehistoric horse and whale bones have also been found.

It is worth noting that the beach at Wrabness is privately owned, at least above the high-water mark. We are not sure what implications this has for access but it may involve crossing private land. Therefore, it may be worth checking this before planning a visit.

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Wrabness Beach Reviews

Quiet estuary beach

May 26th 2022

A beautiful place for ramblers or photographers but not really a beach for a family day out. When the tide is out you can easily walk along the shore below the high tide line (not private) aproaching from either end. I walked all the way along from the bird hides at bramble creek to wrabness nature reserve. This was on a week day at the end of May and all but one of the beach huts were deserted or even boarded up. Had the place to myself.


Mar 31st 2022

i f*****g love it thank you god for making this place i am in love

Not private Beach

Wrabness Village Resident
Jun 21st 2021

Wrabness beach is not private , there is a footpath that runs along the shore to The Coign. Balhaven only own ABOVE HIGH MEAN WATER , do not allow unpleasant aggressive owners to intimidated you, they to are visitors to the village also , as these are second homes from April to October .

Amazing beach close to London

Nov 11th 2020

A very special place. Yes the beach is privately owned but walk via Grayson Perry’s amazing award winning house and you’ll be able to gain access for a walk. There’s an unusual vibe here but it’s captivating in the same way Dungeness is. Kind of austere but cool.

Wrabness beach of old

David Mullen
Oct 24th 2020

I was so sorry to learn that the beach is now privately owned and not family friendly.  Back 30 years this area was a great day out, with good parking and a beautiful beach which families could enjoy the wonderful sea views.  There were a few small beach huts but nothing like those situated there nowadays.
I just loved the quietness of the place and letting the dogs having a great time running in and out of the sea.

Sep 09th 2020

No facilities, and actually privately owned, so not worth the hassle!

No public access

Ellie Howell
Aug 13th 2020

Couldn’t wait to get down here but all the SM about this beach is really misleading: it’s not a public beach at all. There’s a long and steep and double gated private lane down to the shore, and then the beach itself is all privately owned by the beach hut company. There is a footpath along the sea wall and across the first bit of beach but then it just stops. No BBQs allowed either. Had a quick dip anyway but by the time we slogged back up to the car we were just as hot and sweaty. Don’t bother. Unless you’re prepared to shell out £££ and buy yourself a hut.

Unfriendly Beach

Jul 27th 2020

As others have said, it’s along walk down to the beach (even further back up the hill!) the majority of the dry beach sand is privately-owned, and dogs and barbeques are banned.

Not recommended!

Jul 17th 2020

The reason there are no organised water sports or public facilities is because it and the surrounding land is privatley owned by the hut owners (above mean high tide) and as such there is no public access for general use. Details can be found here - http://www.balhaven.co.uk.

Not worth the visit

Jul 15th 2020

Having driven to this beach, parking up on the side of a narrow road our first issue with the length of the walk to reach the beach, where we then
found that there is no access to the water without crossing private land which also of course meant we were unable to picnic on the beach as we had hoped.  With two children the lack of facilities, which we now understand is due to this being a private beach makes this a totally unsuitable location for our young family.

No facilities & quite a hike

Joseph Turner
May 08th 2020

Walked down to beach from main road, but when arrived found there were no facilities. The tide was out and it’s basically deep mud to water, so not ideal day out.

graham the lad
Aug 07th 2019

Lack of organised water sports otherwise super great

Wrabness beach

Tony Hollington
Jun 10th 2019

Lovely place, nice and quiet.

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