East Sussex Swimming beaches

The beach guide has 21 swimming beaches listed in East Sussex. Check here for all swimming beaches in the UK

  • Rottingdean ©

    1. Rottingdean Beach

    Rottingdean beach is set on the comparatively quiet stretch of coast between Brighton and Newhaven. This reasonably-sized beach is your typical Sussex affair, with a series of groynes and breakwaters to keep the pebbles place. As the tide…

  • Eastbourne ©

    2. Eastbourne Beach

    Eastbourne's main resort beach runs from the Pier to Wish Tower, half a mile to the south. Backing the beach is the promenade, lined with grand Victorian hotels leaving little doubt of Eastbourne's seaside heritage. There are plenty of…

  • Western Parade ©

    3. Western Parade Beach (Eastbourne)

    Western Parade is one of the many popular beaches in the Eastbourne area. The beach here is mainly shingle, intersected by wooden groynes with some patches of sand exposed at low tide, when rockpools containing plenty of interesting marine…

  • Bexhill ©

    4. Bexhill Beach

    The traditional south coast seaside resort of Bexhill is maybe not in its prime these days but it is still a good spot for a family day at the beach.

    Those of you familiar with the beaches of Sussex will not be surprised to read…

  • Seaford Head ©

    5. Seaford Head Beach

    The little cove under Seaford head is divided from the main beach by a large groyne and a jetty. Backed by the sheer chalk cliffs of Seaford Head Nature Reserve there is a small strip of shingle here. Care should be taken when sitting…

  • St. Leonards ©

    6. St. Leonards Beach

    Popular shingle beach just to the west of Hastings. The beach is backed by a promenade and there are plenty of facilities nearby.

  • Hastings ©

    7. Hastings Beach

    Hastings' main beach backs right onto the seafront of this established seaside resort town so you are never far away from the town's facilities and attractions. Backed by grand whitewashed Edwardian hotels and a two-layered promenade Hastings…

  • Royal Parade ©

    8. Royal Parade Beach (Eastbourne)

    Located just away from Eastbourne's main stretch is Royal Parade beach. This shingle beach is popular with both residents and visitors alike although usually somewhat quieter than the main Pier beach. There are plenty of facilities here,…

  • Cooden Beach ©

    9. Cooden Beach

    Cooden is your typical Sussex beach, so expect a long stretch of shingle divided up by wooden groynes and you won't be disappointed. At low tide there are some sandy flats exposed.

    This stretch of coast is popular with kite surfers…

  • Saltdean ©

    10. Saltdean Beach

    The shingle beach at Saltdean has been created underneath the white chalk cliffs facing the sea by a collection of rock groynes which line the beach. The movement of the currents collects the shingle from the longshore drift, resulting…

  • Seaford Bay ©

    11. Seaford Bay

    This wide stretch of shingle beach stretches nearly 4 miles between Newhaven harbour and Seaford Head. Seaford has a somewhat laid-back feel to it and is an ideal place to relax and avoid some of the summer crowds that flock to other south…

  • Brighton Beach ©

    12. Brighton Beach

    One of the UK's most famous beaches, Brighton Beach is a pebbly beach with certified Blue Flag waters a 4-mile promenade that buzzes with life in all seasons. It is known as London's beach, even though it is 47 miles away. Unsurprisingly,…

  • Camber Sands ©

    13. Camber Sands Beach

    Camber Sands is a little unusual for a Sussex beach and the reason is right there in the name. Yes, sand! Unlike most beaches along the Sussex coast which are lined with pebbles and shingle held in place by a series of groynes, Camber…

  • Hove ©

    14. Hove Beach

    Hove's well known beach is mostly shingle and runs adjacent to the centre of the town, which is part of the Brighton and Hove metropolis - apparently one of the sunniest places in the country. 

    The beach is interspersed by…

  • Fairlight Glen ©

    15. Fairlight Glen Beach

    Fairlight Glen is a popular naturist beach, also enjoyed by non-naturist visitors. It is found in a suitably secluded location overlooking Covehurst Bay a mile or so east of Hastings.…

  • Bulverhythe ©

    16. Bulverhythe Beach (Hastings)

    Like so many beaches along the Sussex coastline Bulverhythe is predominantly shingle interspersed with groynes. It is a popular spot for swimming and water sports, and there are a good number of beach huts available for hire here.


  • Kemp Town ©

    17. Kemp Town Beach (Brighton)

    Brighton is one of the UK's most popular seaside resorts. It offers plenty of traditional resort attractions including the refurbished pier, arcades, fun fairs and a vibrant cafĂ© culture. Kemp Town Beach stretches to the east of the pier…

  • West Quay ©

    18. West Quay Beach (Newhaven)

    West Quay beach is located on the western side of the port of Newhaven's breakwater. A passenger ferry service runs from here to the port of Dieppe in France. The beach is composed of a bank of pebbles and shingle above the high water…

  • Portobello ©

    19. Portobello Beach (Brighton)

    Portobello Beach is situate mid-way between Brighton and Newhaven, to the east of Brighton Marina. The beach is a mix of sand and shingle, flanked by stunning white chalk cliffs. Being the furthest out of Brighton’s beaches it tends to…

  • Brighton Naturist ©

    20. Brighton Naturist Beach

    In 1980, controversy surrounded the opening of Brighton's 200-yard 'naturist' section of beach. Critics claimed it would only attract perverts and voyeurs. Instead, as hoped by the local council, it brought a more liberal attitude to the…

  • Ovingdean Beach ©

    21. Ovingdean Beach

    Tucked away under the white chalk cliffs, and less than a mile's walk from Brighton Marina is the surprisingly peaceful Ovingdean Beach. As there is no car park here the beach is mostly frequented by people taking a stroll along the aptly-named…