Best beaches in Shetland Islands

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Below are a list of the top 12 beaches in Shetland Islands as selected by the users of the Beach Guide website.

The current most popular beach in Shetland Islands is St Ninians. If you would like to have your say on which are the best beaches in Shetland Islands just follow the link to the beach and vote by clicking the star ratings at the top right of the page.

  • 1. St Ninians Beach

    St Ninians © Stuart Wilding | BY-SA

    The beach here is a long spit of fine sand connecting the small isle of St Ninian's to Shetland. Made up largely of shell sand, the symmetrical curve sandbar can be seen from high ground, such as the Ward of Scousburgh. This kind of sand causeway is officially known as a tombolo, although the Scottish…

  • 2. Skaw Beach

    Skaw Beach © Mike Pennington | BY-SA

    Set towards the northern tip of Unst, the most northerly of the Shetland Islands, Skaw beach proudly proclaims itself as "Britain's most northerly sandy beach". It also lays claim to being home to Britain's most northerly house too, although the whitewashed bungalow is not terribly impressive.

    Skaw beach, however, will not disappoint, and some will even…

  • 3. Banna Minn Beach

    Banna Minn © Russel Wills | BY-SA

    Banna Minn, or just Minn beach, is a wonderful example of a tombolo, forming a narrow strip of land connecting West Burra to Kettla Ness. There is a beach of some description to either side of the bar but it is the sandy crescent on the north-western side that is worthy of note.

    Set in a…

  • 4. Rerwick Beach

    Rerwick Beach © Ruth Sharville | BY-SA

    Rerwick beach is located on the west side of Shetland's South Mainland. In an area that is home to a number of wonderful and easily accessible beaches, this lovely curve of sand is often overlooked.

    What is humanity's loss appears to be the seal's gain. You will often see seals hauled up on Rerwick beach, occasionally…

  • 5. West Sandwick Beach

    West Sandwick © Des Blenkinsopp | BY-SA

    The Shetland Isles, off the north-east tip of Scotland, are known for their remote beauty and stunning beaches, and West Sandwick is no exception. Often overlooked, the white sands are hidden by softly sloping dunes, while from the beach there are attractive views of the rocky seascape towards the mainland of Shetland. The bay has…

  • 6. Levenwick Beach

    Levenwick Beach © Lis Burke | BY-SA

    North-facing Levenwick Beach is a sheltered sandy bay. One of the finest beaches on Shetland this beach slopes gently into the chilly waters of the North Atlantic. There are a few rockpools at Levenwick that will give kids (and grown-ups) something to explore.

  • 7. Norwick Beach

    Norwick Beach © Mike Pennington | BY-SA

  • 8. Sands of Breckon Beach

    Sands of Breckon © Stuart Wilding | BY-SA

    Situated on the northern tip of the island of Yell this is one of the most beautiful beaches in all Shetland. A stretch of near white sand flanked by low cliffs and with grass-covered dunes to the rear. The sand here is actually made up largely of shell particles - which is part of the…

  • 9. West Voe Beach

    West Voe © Jim Strang | BY-SA

    Long, sheltered crescent of white sand located next to the runway of Sumburgh Airport on the southern tip of Shetland. The beach is situated alongside the archaeological site of Jarlshof, which includes remains from the Stone Age through to medieval times.