Morfa Bychan - Black Rock Sands

Morfa Bychan, known locally as Black Rock Sands, is a sandy beach, with rocky areas- although the rocks aren’t actually black.  The beach stretches for about 2 miles and is backed by a dune system which has been designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest.  There are plenty of rockpools to explore here as well as some interesting caverns.

A river mouth lies at the south-eastern end of the beach, and the village of Morfa Bychan is a few hundred meters away. The beach has lovely views of the mountains and countryside of Snowdonia National Park.

A slipway provides vehicular access to the sands and most visitors park on the beach, making it a popular picnic destination and providing easy access for those with mobility problems. There are designated bathing and boat launching areas. Dogs are banned from the central section of the beach, but are allowed on the eastern and western sections.

There are a number of holiday parks in the area surrounding the beach. In the village of Morfa Bychan there are shops, places to eat and a golf club. There are more facilities in the town of Porthmadog, about 2 miles from the beach.

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Dogs are not allowed on the northern end of the beach between 1st April and 30th September. The rest of this considerable stretch of beach is dog friendly year round.

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LL49 9YB

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SH 5291 3722


Parking available adjacent to the slipway or further north behind the dunes.


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Morfa Bychan - Black Rock Sands Reviews

Good beach apart from the cars!

Andy Scott
Jan 21st 2022

Been on this beach several times over the past few years, its a long sandy beach which is great but as many people have said cars are allowed to drive on it which spoils it somewhat. We did chuckle when we saw a car stuck in the sand one day!!

Oct 30th 2021

I use to love this beach, I have grown up on it in a way as I use to go there every year as a child, even sleeped on there when we had a motor home, at that time dogs were allowed on all the beach, it all stop when my dad retired, then my mum passed away, it was years before I started going again I felt she was there by the rocks felt like I was home, and dogs were allowed on that bit, felt safe there as cars can’t go to fast there, but that has changed, we took our nephew but was told to go to the left as dogs not allowed on the right, when I ask when it changed he said it was always that way, I pointed out I got maps to say that they were allowed, he stated to argue when another said I was right, but now they not, we park up but didn’t enjoy it, cars were going more than the 5mph, didn’t feel safe I couldn’t relax, making sure everyone ok, plus we had a long walk for the toilets, we not been again it been spoiled for me others I talked to also said the same.

Sep 19th 2021

Absolutely awful.If you want to get run over while digging a sand castle go to Black Rock Sands.

Great beach

Iz Brown
Aug 05th 2021

Love this beach - so convenient being able to take the car rather than lug all the equipment. Shallow waters are lovey.

Cars on a beach?

Jul 31st 2021

Parking nearby should be allowed for anyone with mobility issues. Beyond that this beach car park is unnecessary. It spoils the landscape and is polluting. In a time when action to combat climate change is essential this beach car park is wrong. In addition, polluting jet skis also launch from this area into waters known for attracting dolphins and seals. This could be a beautiful beach.

Great beach ruined by cars

Jul 29th 2021

This could be a lovely beach, but when we were there the hundreds of cars all over the place really spoilt our day. It just ruins the view and makes it feel a bit unsafe… I wish they were limited to only part of the beach…

Tina Turner - Simply the best

Jun 03rd 2021

I thought Port Einon & Llangennith were good. Thought Oxwich was awesome. Pendine also awesome. Blackrock is on another level. To the p£rat whom thought it was ruined by all the cars .. good luck !

A beautiful beach ruined by cars parked all over it

May 17th 2021

We were here in the summer and there were cars everywhere, right up to the water, which ruined the experience for me. Totally unnecessary, polluting and somewhat dangerous. It’s a pity because otherwise it’s a beautiful sandy beach with lovely views.

Family friendly

Jul 30th 2020

We love this beach loads of space available even at busy times as long as you don’t mind moving away from the main car entrance easy for kids to splash in as it doesn’t get deep quickly. Often ice cream vans available though we don’t use them and the girls also love climbing on the rocks. Beautiful views all round can see Criccieth Castle.

Possibly the worst beach I have ever been to.

Aug 26th 2019

Maybe when it’s quieter it is ok.
The beach on bank holiday weekend was a car park.
The sea is full of jellyfish and dodging them is a skill, however they don’t seem to sting.
Dodging the 1994 Ford Orion that was driving Into the sea was a little more tricky. Circling their 5-7 yr old child not particularly looking at anything else but their child demonstrated what doting parents they were.
Quickly left whilst still time to find another dog friendly beach.

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