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Christchurch - Mudeford Sandbank weather and tides

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weather & tides

Tue Jul 29th, 2014

Partly cloudy

(Partly Cloudy)
17°C / 63°F

Sunrise / sunset

05:34 / 20:52


8 mph NNW

Sea temperature

16°C / 61°F



Christchurch - Mudeford Sandbank weather forecast
Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
Partly cloudy


Partly cloudy


Partly cloudy






7 day tide forecast for Christchurch - Mudeford Sandbank 2014

  • Low 01:35am
  • High 02:43am
  • Low 05:50am
  • High 11:11am
  • Low 01:35pm
  • High 03:10pm
  • Low 06:05pm
  • High 11:14pm
  • Low 02:07am
  • High 03:14am
  • Low 06:21am
  • High 11:45am
  • Low 02:04pm
  • High 03:41pm
  • Low 06:37pm
  • High 11:47pm
  • Low 02:35am
  • High 03:45am
  • Low 06:53am
  • High 12:17pm
  • Low 02:29pm
  • High 04:13pm
  • Low 07:10pm
  • High 12:16am
  • Low 02:57am
  • High 04:19am
  • Low 07:28am
  • High 12:47pm
  • Low 02:51pm
  • High 04:47pm
  • Low 07:47pm
  • High 12:39am
  • Low 03:18am
  • High 04:57am
  • Low 08:05am
  • High 01:10pm
  • Low 03:11pm
  • High 05:24pm
  • Low 08:28pm
  • High 12:51am
  • Low 03:39am
  • High 05:37am
  • Low 08:49am
  • High 01:23pm
  • Low 03:32pm
  • High 06:05pm
  • Low 09:17pm
  • High 01:08am
  • Low 04:00am
  • High 06:22am
  • Low 09:40am
  • High 01:41pm
  • Low 03:47pm
  • High 06:50pm
  • Low 10:19pm

*These tide times are estimates based on the nearest port (Bournemouth, England) and may differ by up to half and hour depending on distance. Please note, the tide times given are not suitable for navigational purposes.

Bournemouth, England tides


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