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Cleveleys Beach videos

Cleveleys Beach by Air 30th Nov 2013

Cleveleys on a beautiful Novembers day.


Cleveleys on a beautiful Novembers day.

Cleveleys Beach by Air 30th Nov 2013

Sea Ogre was the latest artwork to appear on the beach (13/Jan/2014 )at Cleveleys based on the Story book

Sea Ogre guards Cleveleys Beach

Watch the rough wind on a sunny day blowing the tide up into a foamy frenzy and creating snow in summer at Cleveleys.

Foam blowing across Cleveleys beach in May

Cleveleys promenade and beach from Rossall to Anchorsholme with a views along Victoria Street. taken on 28the Sept, and Ist October 2011 with temp around 24c...

Cleveleys Beach and town centre .summer end 2011

Mary's Shell is a 16.5 tonne steel sculpture, sat on the sands at Cleveleys. It's part of the story of the Sea Swallow and the artwork trail. It was installe...

Installing Mary's Shell on Cleveleys Beach

The first sand eels I have seen on Cleveleys beach.....ever....loads of them!

Sand Eels on Cleveleys beach


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